Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

A very nice warm, relaxing desert day, what we really love.

Where are we today ?
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      This morning just another wonderful great desert day beginning. Was warmer this morning 40 f (4c) at 5 am but with our Mr heater we were soon toasty warm. But did not catch a nice sunrise, just because it was not visible.
       First thing I wanted to do after a nice walkabout, was head into town and pick up a few supplies for the next few days. Beat the crowds that we have seen in town, Thanks giving coming on so the stores are busy. At 7 am I did what I wanted to do. Should be good to go for a few days at least.
       Home by 9am . we muttered around for while and discussed what and where we might like to go in the next few weeks. Not sure yet and we don't like to plan ahead  just the way we roll, works for us.
another beautiful sunny day
     Eventually time for lunch , and Suzie's request was this New England Clam Chowder that I picked up in Buffalo New York.  It looks like it could be really good and it sure was. One of the best we have every had.
this chowder was amazing 
      Lunch done and I got a new more walkabouts the park just over 3 miles today. Then we can relax in the sun under the shade tree behind our coach, perfect. Did get up to82 f (27c) and was very nice in the partial shade we had.
you know it is a great day when Suzie is in shorts 
we behind this tree gives us a bit of shade
and warmth from the sun.
this lady walked by, her cat taking her for a walk
       Soon the sun was setting just after 5 pm , Starting to take shape for a nice sunset.
       While this was going on I fired up our Weber Q 100 to heat up a couple of Cornish Pasties that we bought in Grand Bend Ontario last fall.
not long to warm up
and these are so tasty
        Added some gravy left over from our beef roast the other day and these were amazing !
yummy? Yup they were
then another very nice desert sunset
to make another perfect desert day
      This past spring when we were here we visited  the Fairbanks Ghost town,if you like you can check it our HERE  it was an excellent ghost town to visit. No need to go back this soon.
       That was our very relaxing day in the life of us full-time rv'ers. Just the way we love to live.
       Thanks for the visit and hope ya'll had a wonderful day as well.

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Where have we been this winter ?

Monday, November 20, 2017

No Museum Tour today, because..... But the weather was excellent anyway.

Where are we today ? 
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    Yes it was cool overnight, but we cozy under our quilts, at 4:30 am when I got up was 34 f (1 c). So just fired up our Mr. Heater and the furnace for a few minutes toasty warm again.
     As the sun was rising the sky was amazing. I do love this time of day.
right outside out dining room table
then these clouds looked like a huge
 flame in the sky
       A nice walkabout the campground as the sun warmed things up walked to the back to check out the large area of seasonal sites.
some very nice sites here
this 5th wheel is huge, 5 large slides, tri-axel
and a large tractor to pull it
       Our plan at 9 am today was to go to the Fort Huachuca Museum click HERE  but it is on a Military base and we are not allowed to enter, unless we know someone on the base to escort us !  Ok no deal.
      So we out and about thought we would check out a Target Store we have not been to for a while then the Walmart across the road.  Does not take Suzie long to check things  out. She got a new hoodie and me some new socks.
      No museum tour and the shopping done we home by 11 am. Time for a light lunch, perfect.
      So putter around for a while between reading in the shade on a very nice sunny Arizona Day 76 f (24c) most of the afternoon no complaints here a all.
our view in the afternoon
nice spot behind our coach
      Then about 4:30 I plugged in our Fry Daddy, thawed some fish and whipped up a salad. Coat the fish in our fish crisp, and a few minutes later done to perfection. Golden brown. crispy and tasty.
Fry Daddy does the trick
love this fish dinner and a salad
       As supper was winding down we had another amazing desert sunset. What a way to wind up another perfect day.
love these Arizona sunsets
        We still outside reading at 7:.30 but down to 55 f (12c) fingers getting chilly, so inside we go, fire up our Mr Heater on low to take the chill off and enjoy the rest of the evening inside.
        That was just another wonderful day we enjoyed living this lifestyle, thanks for stopping on by and hope y'all had a great one as well.

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Where have we been this winter ?

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Sunny Sunday really enjoying it here.

Where are we today ? 
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            This weather here is wonderful, no complaints. As usual we up early and just enjoying the cool mornings, breakfast and watch the sunrise. Need a few supplies today so at 7 am I head to town (Sierra Vista), First the Walmart , and could not believe how busy this store was early on a Sunday morning. Sure glad I came early ! Next across the road to Fry's then Food City from few items, Back home by 9 am, nice to get those things taken care of early in the day.
nice 10 minute drive into Sierra Vista
             When I got home , Suzie had the laundry all sorted so my next project was to get that to the machines and let them do their stuff. This laundry here is pretty cool, only $1:25 to wash and $1:25 to dry and a really nice feature is we can use a credit card, for each load, no extra charges, bonus ! Now how can you beat thus park regular rate is $10.00 a night, We paid $9.00 with our membership  plus electricity.  We don't use much electricity so our bill is very low. And this includes free wifi as well.  Gotta love that.
       All this thus suff done we enjoyed a nice light lunch and I puttered around clean the car a bit and bugs from  the front of our coach now we can enjoy a nice afternoon in the sun and shade getting back into our  page turner books.
        I finished my last one while Laundry was done and started another that I enjoy Sue Grafton , this one is Y and we have both read the whole alphabet, just waiting for the rest of her books getting close too the end only Z to go then what next?, And as usual another one of her books we enjoy.
another good read
      This is the skies that we had to put up with all day long , sure thing we can handle this, That's why we are here.
clear blue sunny skies.
      Forgot to mention yesterday in Tombstone I picked up another bottle of hot sauce that I love, also a souvenir  from the south West. Arizona Gunslinger Habanero sauce, look pretty good to me.
hey this for me !
what; not l=to live about this weather?
        When I got back from town at 9 am I had picked up a roast beef on sale, and a couple of potatoes. So right away I pulled out my ancient slow cooker and got it going, on low, and on our inverter (solar Power) to see how it worked. Added sone celery , carrots, onions, taters, fresh garlic the beef and some spices.
        Slow cooker doing a great job we can smell the roast cooking all day long!
the sun is beginning to set just after 5 so inside to do a bit more
     Gonna make some Yorkshire pudding to go with the roast beef. Gotta do it , a British thing that I was raised with.
I cheat and use this mix
love these
          Roast done , tatters and veggies done , made a small salad , thicken the gravy and we enjoy a rare treat. A Sunday roast beef dinner with Yorkshire Pudding .
Oh so tasty and of course leftovers 
supper just about ready and another,
very nice desert sunset
     That was our relaxing desert day getting a few things done and really just enjoying this amazing lifestyle that we are so blessed to be able to live.
        Thanks for stopping on by and hope y'all had a wonderful day as well. wherever you are.

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Where have we been this winter ?

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Sunrise to sunset we had a perfect day and a fun visit to Tombstone.

Where are we today ? 
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      A wonderful cool morning but clear blue skies and the sun is warming us up very quickly , just like it does here in the southwest. At 7 am first walkabout was about 58f not bad in the sun and did a get a lap around the park.
as the sun was rising so was the heat
these Agave's around the park,
some about 8 ft tall
pine trees too? for Christmas I guess
like this custom Trike behind us
would be a fun ride
our site 8 am clear blue skies, love the views
           Puttering around a bit more we headed off into Tombstone around 9:30, only 20 minutes away, don't want to get there too early, nice the see the shops opens open and a few people around, the weekends are more interesting. We have been coming here almost every year since 2006 and just enjoy the atmosphere. Yes it is a tourist trap, but one we enjoy, we have done and seen most all the things over the years, just a bit every year.
          The main reason we are here is to go to Big Nose Kate's for Lunch. But have to wander the streets and check out a few shops, chat with some cowboys and ladies of the night, just because. Pretend we are in a western movie (at least I do). All that is free fun.
Tombstone CourtHouse museum 
real Arizona Rangers
lots of narrated wagon rides about town are fun
we did one or two many years ago with friends
the wooden sidewalks are nice
period costumes add to the atmosphere
love the signs
still pretty quiet at 10 am but people coming into town
gunslingers strolling the streets
and the famous Bird Cage Theatre
we went through there one year
like to listen to the stories they
have to tell
period buildings look nice
       Now just after 11 am we headed into Big Nose Kate's, for lunch and beat the lunch crowds. We enjoy the atmosphere as much if not more than the food which we love too.
Big Nose Kate's
we always enjoy the place
a few photos inside
see Suzie?
not up there...
bottom left
Ok one Big Ass Beer,
dark one for me, a real treat
love the outfits the waitresses wear
huge Calzone for Suzie
my favourite.
the overstuffed Rueben
       Now this was an early lunch after an early bowl of cereal at 6 am, sure did the trick today, no supper tonight. Not much leftover to take home either, we were prepared for this.
the washrooms have been redone and love the sign in the men's room
if you care check out the urinals,
Beer Kegs!
now that is recycling
       Full tummies, and the people are now lined up at the door we can get outta here and walk the streets a bit more. Window shop and people watch.
nice soda fountain
period hats and clothing
          Our goal after lunch was to check out a gunfight at the Gunfight Palace , now again we have seen quite a few at different places here in town and all can be fun entertainment. This one is a bit different as it is done in a saloon. as opposed to a gunfight on the street. 
we doing the 12:30 show
the setting
telling us the background
shooting Blank blows that pop can across the room
     They did 4 or 5 skits  and all were interesting and not down out about 40 minutes total, refreshing entertainment and only $8.00 each.
card game
you calling me a cheat!
he didn't like my shirt!

checking his guns right beside us
dam kid!
      After the gunfight wandered around down Allen Street for a while the headed back home.
love the outfits
Sarsaparilla right here
          Back to our car almost 5 hours of fun here time to head home. Arrived just before 3 pm, a short walkabout and enjoy reading in the shade on the lovely warm sunny Arizona day.
          Outside till about 6 pm enjoying this sunset , then cooling down. So Inside for the evening, post this blog and relax, in front of the tube.
love the desert sunsets
       Now no supper tonight but think maybe a snack in front of the tv is in line, popcorn and a apple is our favourite.
      Glad that you dropped in and hopped you enjoyed tombstone as much as we did.

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Where have we been this winter ?