Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Finally much better now, Relocating, propane, bad luck comes in threes.

Where are we today ? 
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           First we would like to thank everyone for all their concerns a prayers about last nights posting, I was so upset by my screw up yesterday could hardly think straight. But we are both fine and I made a mess of our house.

Mondays Posting

        Hmm I woke up and looked at my clock said 5:30 ! Wow I slept in, so I got up had my oatmeal put coffee on and turned on my computer. What? It said 4:30 ok so I did not sleep in my clock that keeps perfect time somehow gained an hour. No problem this feels right now. Shortly after 7 am I made a nice country drive to Plattsville checked out our spot there, looks about perfect. So back home at 8 am I called Hickson Motors to see about an emissions test for the coach (every 2 years). Bill said 3 Pm today, perfect.
love the back roads here
cool the way this is melting
like the greener fields better than the white stuff
     So now we can disconnect our extra propane tank, stow our satellite dish, have a light lunch, a few walkabouts and secure the coach. First stop, Ayr, Ontario to top up our propane then to Hickson for the e-test, and into Plattsville ("Camp Awesome") and get set up again, for ? not sure how long. 1st time this year, maybe a week maybe less or maybe more, no matter to us. Always enjoy moving about and visiting other areas we play it day to day. At least that is a tentative plan.
      Bad luck number one: got to Ayr for propane nice sign "Sorry out of order". Ok now what? Ok lets try the RV dealer about 4 miles away. Nope they do not sell propane but try next door. Primemax Energy a huge commercial propane depot does not hurt to ask. So I drove in amongst all the huge trailers, found a fellow there and he said sure the pump is right there. Yahoo! Our tank was way below 1/4 and took 65 litres (18 US gallons), .71 cents a litre. $2.68 CND a US gallon or $2.00 in US funds. Pretty good price for propane.
Hey got propane here yippee
     Now heading to Hickson for the 3 pm appointment to get the emissions test done on the motorhome. 
Driving county road 8 through Washington,  Plattsville and Bright to Hickson.
Hamlet of Washington main street
Plattsville Main Street
Main Street of Bright
This is a huge newer Dairy Operation
      Ok now at the Hickson Garage. Waiting for that truck below to be finished.
Bill has been here for years, 3 licensed mechanics on duty
     Bad luck number 2... Well he started the e- test, having issues with the computer, after checking, resetting and all that stuff  from 3 pm only a 10-15 minute test, was finally done at 5:30 pm! Another government money grab cost $125.00 plus tax, for the motorhome, cars are now free?  In the meantime Suzie was waiting in the car in Plattsville after running some errands. Sent her a text, on my way!
     Bad  luck number 3 ....Backing out of the bay there was a large,  about a 5 ton or more truck parked. I knew it was there drove around it coming in. I saw it there thought I had plenty of room, but the afternoon sun in my eyes I misjudged just by a couple of inches and BANG. Oh no !!! I hit that truck!
just caught rear the edge
next to no damage at all
           Now the rear of the coach did not fair so well, fiberglass and aluminum contacting heavy steel,   the steel wins big time.
not good
broke my brand new tail light, just put in 3 days ago!
not the mention this big damage and
possible water leaks now
          So needless to say I am not a happy camper at all! To say I was pissed off at me would be putting it mildly.  But I did get back to Plattsville got a nice big hug from my honey, Plugged into power by this time was 6:30. I was fit to be tied...... She suggested lets go the Trails Edge for supper. YES! I am in, a feast of excellent chicken wings and a pitcher of beer makes everything better right?
excellent food here
this will feel better, at least Suzie smiling, 
wings, suicide sauce, celery carrots, blue cheese
fries to share and count shrimp for Suzie
    Then home watch a bit of TV and off to bed. Sure not in the mood to post my blog that I had planned. I fired off an e mail to Barry Kropf of Kropf's Kustom Collision to see if he could  take a look at it today. Tuesday.


     Did not sleep well (wonder why?) up at 4:30 as usual, coffee is in order and got an email back from Barry at 7 am. We can take the coach in at 10 am. He checked it out and said to leave it and he will patch it up so we will have no water leaks. Until they can get the parts and schedule the work. This is fine with us, (thanks Barry) we still have our house. Suzie contacted our insurance company and claim filed no problem, but we do have to pay another $300 deductible. Not bad for many thousands of dollars worth of repairs. I was still upset then the claims adjuster said don't worry, that is why you have insurance, love this lady on the phone, I feeling much better.
     Took the car to Dennis and Sandy's to hang out for a while enjoyed a nice light lunch Sandy supplied and I headed into New Hamburg for my yearly hearing test (yes I am still deaf). WSIB will supply and pay for new hearing aides for me due this June (once every 5 years) so have started the process to get that taken care of.
Dennis and Sandy's where we have been
 since we got back to Ontario
     Got a call from Barry at 3 pm the coach is ready to pick up. Ok, now I am awesome once again. We can now carry on with our damaged house until such time we can get it in the shop. We need to be in Ontario 5 months anyway so no big deal. And will not be too far away.
this be his shop he does amazing work
love the paint job he did on their propane tank
if your have driven HWY 7/8 to Stratford
you have seen his sign.
          Finally back home and set up in Plattsville at John's (Camp Awesome) until? Again not sure felt good!
he patched us up for now, no water leaks 
at least we can still live in and enjoy our house
this will do for now
       Here we are back  at Camp Awesome, all set up for a few days or whatever. Me feeling much better, nobody hurt. And can make a nice tasty supper once again !
this feels good
     Supper tonight a pork schnitzel we bought at the Market on Saturday, topped with a mild Salsa and shredded cheddar cheese to go with our tasty salad,
oh yeah nice to be home and make a tasty meal once again
      We made it through 2 days, first one not good at all, today getting much better.
      Glad that y'all stopped on by and hope you had some wonderful nice weather and good days as well.
50 miles on
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