Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, March 16, 2018

A hot sunny day , shopping with Suzie and more info on this area.

Where are we today ? 
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     What a wonderful night for sleeping windows open most of the blankets off and was 62F (16C) at 5am, What is not to like about this lifestyle following the sun?
      Shortly after 7 am I headed our for a very nice walkabout , very warm and in shorts and t-shirt just enjoying this amazing spring like weather, So quite and so peaceful.
love this tree and vines here, the kids love it too
         Down by the river waiting for the sunrise and did not disappoint the morning.
          About 9 am we were ready to make a trip to Granbury for a few stops, Walmart and my favourite an H.E.B grocery store only in Texas, Really love this grocery store! It is huge and so many unique food items we can buy here and usually very good prices as well.
found our stuff and will be back before we leave the area
       After here we took a wonderful scenic route back to Glen Rose enjoying the Texas back roads.
a very nice back country drive
       Back home in time for a tasty light lunch and a got a couple of walkabouts  then opened our awning to  shade us from this very hot sunny day we are having,  87F (30c) but only 20% humidity actually quite comfortable in the shade, Not great for hiking though.
you know it is hot when Suzie is in shorts
         We enjoyed our afternoon reading outside in the shade then soon to begin supper. We have a wonderful pork tenderloin I picked up the other day, Half price on sale so I rubbed it down with this very tasty rub we found last winter , again only in Texas. It really puts a nice mild spice and glaze many dishes we cook. Gonna pick up another here before we leave.
a very nice mild tasty rub
afternoon skies perfect as was the tempertaure
          This pork tenderloin on the grill mat with the rub and only about 20 minutes turning a few times was done to perfection 150 F and let it rest for a 5 minutes, tender, tasty and so juicy . Also added some fresh asparagus we picked up only $1;47 a pound , reasonable and oh so tender and tasty.
the grill mat keeps the grill clean and the lean meat tender
      This supper was added to our tasty salad and sure did the trick tonight. and of course more leftovers for light lunches.
was it tasty? yup sure was
      Now after supper we can enjoying this amazing warm weather here for a while outside, at 7:30 pm we still outside enjoying  72F (22C) posting this blog and enjoying our e-readers. For a while yet.
 not a bad sunset through the trees
     A nice commenter on yesterday's post left some amazing information about that stone and retried deserted building.
from Leilani, thanks for the great info.
     Some very interesting information about this area and building both links below are worth a read.
this picture from the web
     That amazing ruin is known locally as both Outlaw Station & Sycamore Grove. As you mentioned in a comment above it was a gas/service station for many years & legend has it was a speakeasy offering moonshine during Prohibition (hence its Outlaw moniker). It reportedly served as a grocery store for a while after that, too. 

      It's heartbreaking that it's not being preserved, but if a building is going to be abandoned, one made out of petrified wood has a better chance than most of staying upright I suppose. And it makes a great subject for photos during bluebonnet season as seen here:
One link HERE 

Here are a couple of short articles about Glen Rose's iconic petrified wood structures from that era:

Another link HERE 
Once you realize what you're looking at, you start seeing Glen Rose's petrified wood incorporated in 1920's & 30's era buildings everywhere along the back roads & town squares in that whole region.

      Just want to thank you again for stopping in on our awesome travels.
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Where have we been this winter ?