Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Keeping busy wrapping up a few things before we hit the road in the morning.

Where are we today ?
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        Just more great weather here another reason why we love hanging out in the area. After my coffees, computing and stuff headed for a walkabout at 7:30 this morning now all the blood flowing and enjoying the nice quiet scenery. I had a craving for a soft boiled egg. It's been a long time, when was the last time you ever had one? Fingers  of toast to dip in the soft yoke, brings back childhood memories.
Oh yeah just like I remembered  was too good
         We have plans to get some stuff done today. So at 8:20 this morning we headed into Strathroy  to pick up a few groceries and a couple of chickens on sale,(last day for the sale). And Suzie even came along. only because she wanted to get her hair trimmed. The First choice does not open until 9 am so got the groceries out of the way and her hair was nicely trimmed and we outta there by 9:20. She is looking good as always and a happy lady now. We stopped by the Goodwill store for her to take a peak and that is all it takes, noting caught her eye and out of there lickety split. Back to Rock Glen and home by 9:45 sorted the laundry and I headed into the laundry mat to get it all done.
    Home just afternoon helped her make the bed, whipped up a light lunch and she put the folded clothes away.
     While she did this I got to work to finish the polishing and waxing the upper right side of our coach using Walt's 7 foot ladder. Finally got this done by 3:30 . Clean up my stuff and returned Walt's ladder then enjoyed a Happy hour with Gerry, Tucker and Suzie. Still need to the lower right side, but that will happen another day. The ladder work is the hardest.
Tucker's chair broke so he has to sit on the ground
       Then soon time to fire up our Weber Q . Grill a couple of bone in pork chops , to add to our green salad
used the grill mat to keep the grill clean and keep them moist,
does a great job
yummy?yes it was
      Now supper done, cleaned up and head down for darts for 6:45. to have some fun times like we usually do. Only 15 here tonight so had 2 boards going. Suzie and I were on different teams tonight and we had to play against each other. Darts for us non pros is always a challenge and fun. Lotsa laughs. I had a high score tonight 118 with 3 darts, got lucky.
Suzie thinking about getting ready
she is just getting ready to throw
       The night was fun as always and we had playoffs, our team came in 1st place so I walked out with 3 bucks not bad for an evening of fun . Paid 6 and came home with 3.
      Now home, time to kick back for a bit , finish this posting and soon call it a night, Zoo is on at 10 pm will see if I can stay awake for the whole show, doubt it.
      We on the road in the morning heading to the Durham Ontario area to hang out with some good friends there for a while, enjoy the area and their company.
       Glad that y'all dropped by again.
Where have we been this summer?