Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Warm sunny day and lots of activity here.

Where are we today ? 
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         What and wonderful warm day. Clear blue skies, sunny and warm , a perfect fall day. I did get a few nice walkabouts the park enjoying the early morning quiet and the colors of the leaves here, seems to be brighter and more than back home.
         By 9 am the temperature about 70f  (21c) with only a very light breeze, so it was shorts for pretty much the rest of the day for me.
One of the nice ponds here
waterfront sites on the beach
they have some nice cabins here to rent
       As I was walking about noticed the campground is getting pretty full and a lot of people have done some wonderful Halloween decorations on their sites. Below is just a sample I saw on one walkabout.
fire breathing dragon
     The fall colors warm weather and sunshine has everyone in good spirits for all the activities going on  especially tomorrow.
       It was so nice to relax outside and enjoy our e-readers. I finished another page turner James Patterson and began another Stuart Woods which are always exciting as well.
     Then shortly after 3 pm I prepped this almost 6 lb chicken I picked up yesterday for a very good  price, and if you know us we love our chicken.
can't turn down a deal like that now
lotsa leftovers, no soup this time
not going to have time for it.
happy hour here while I cook the chicken
this time it took almost 3 hours
it was pretty large
sure did the trick tonight
      After supper and dishes done we wandered over to Bill and Barbs to join them at their campfire. A perfect mild evening for it.
a couple more decorated sites on the way
Telling stories around the campfire is
 a perfect way to end the day
         That was our Friday here first full day in the states, enjoying this wonderful weather on the energy filled Halloween weekend here at this campground. This is the nicest weather we have had for this weekend in many years that we have been joining our friends here for this fun time.
       Hope y'all had a wonderful fall day as well and thanks for stopping on by.
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Where have we been this summer ?